torfer Machinery Company was founded on February 4th, 1957 by the late Edward J. Altorfer. Ed had previously worked in the family washing machine business, called Altorfer Brothers Company, in East Peoria, IL. He was introduced to the Caterpillar business by his good friend, Buck Swords, who at that time owned Peoria Tractor and Equipment Company, the Caterpillar dealer in Peoria.At its beginning, Altorfer Machinery Company had stores in Cedar Rapids, IA, Davenport, IA, and Hannibal, MO, and employed about 100 people. Ed enjoyed this business very much, and in 1967 had the opportunity to expand into a second dealership which he called Capitol Machinery Company with stores in Springfield, IL and Champaign, IL. Ed had four sons, three of whom came into the business after college and several years of employment elsewhere. Bruce joined Altorfer in 1970, and Jim in 1971. Don joined Capitol in 1971. Richard preferred a career in the investment business and became a stock broker in Cedar Rapids.

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