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What is Used Equipment Guide?

Used Equipment Guide (UEG) is a vertical search engine for used equipment/truck listings. We do not sell or host listings, nor will we ever—there are many companies with decades of experience in listing equipment that do it far better than we ever could. Our mission is to create liquidity in the marketplace by enabling buyers to find the content they are looking for with the most buyer friendly product possible, which includes seller reviews/feedback and market pricing data. Like Google, our value is created by how we process data to make it as intuitive as possible for users to discover. We currently operate web crawlers to index listings from over 3,000 websites, but partner with site operators that provide direct data feeds of active listings to accelerate indexing, improve data quality, and provide more targeted leads to sellers.

What do you do with our listings?

There are two types of data in listings—copyrighted user-generated content and uncopyrightable material facts. Copyrighted content includes ad copy and full size images while material facts include make/model, meter readings, and prices. We do require copyrighted ad copy to be provided for keyword searching capabilities, but do not display copyrighted content anywhere on our site—users must click through to the source site to view full size images, ad copy, etc. We only display non-copyrighted information on our website including year, make, model, price, seller, and geographic data.

How does a direct data feed work?

We reserve the right to reject listings based on established minimum quality guidelines such as requiring seller names being clearly displayed on the website and valid make/model combinations. Use the "Send Us A Message" form at the bottom of the website to let us know you want to setup a direct data feed and follow these steps:

  1. Generate an XML file of all active listings using our standard XML format.

  2. Upload the XML file to our Amazon Web Services S3 bucket to be processed. (Permissions only allow uploading to protect your data from being downloaded by third parties.)

  3. Our servers will process the feed.

    • New entries will be created for new listings.
    • Existing entries will be updated for updated listings.
    • Missing entries will be flagged as sold and removed.


Contact our Founder, Jeremy Balog directly at