2012 Caterpillar TL1055

Compared to other Caterpillar TL1055 listed for sale, this item has a FAIR PRICE.

$73,058 is the UEG target price for an item with 5,123 hours.

$77,747 is the UEG target price for an item 10.4 years old.

Taking both age and usage into consideration, the UEG target price for this item is $75,105, which is why this item has a FAIR PRICE with a fair market price being between $62,925 and $85,743.

Pricing is determined based on other CATERPILLAR TL1055 items available for sale. There are many factors beyond age and usage that could cause an item to not have a fair price including condition and configuration.

  • 2012 CATERPILLAR TL1055

    capacity: 10,000 pounds

    Londonderry, New Hampshire
    5,123 hours
    10 years old

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  • $67,500

    capacity: 10,000 pounds

    Phillipston, Massachusetts
    4,947 hours
    8 years old
  • 2006 CATERPILLAR TL1055
    Hopedale, Massachusetts
    4,000 hours
    16 years old